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What is FIBC (Big Bags)?

Big Bags are large bags, made out of polypropylene, which are used for packaging, storing and transport. Their dimensions can vary based on the customers’ needs, which is makes them the best solution in packaging.

The most effective solution in packaging! At lowest cost!

Material, dimensions and working load

Our bags are made out of virgin polypropilene, using raw materials of the highest quality.
Their dimensions depend on the needs of our customers and vary from 70 cm – 110 cm in the base and hight from 50 cm to whatever the customer needs.
The working load of our bags can be up to 2 tons per bag, which is certified by Labordata.


Big Bags are used in many industries because of their easy manipulation at the warehouses, where they can be stored, when loaded, on top of each other. Furthermore, they are really practical for transport, and can be easily distributed to the buyer.
Industries that use Big Bags are:
  • Food industry – for storage and transport of seeds, flour, wheat, rice, barley, sugar etc;
  • Construction industry – for storage and transport of waste material, cement, sand etc;
  • Chemical industry - for storage and transport of different granulates, fertilizers etc;
  • Mining industry – for storage and transport of ore;
  • Other industries - for storage and transport of raw materials, semi products, products and waste.

Advantages of our Big Bags (Jumbo Bags, FIBC) compared to the other types of packaging

Effective manipulation and distribution is becoming more and more important to company’s competitiveness. We recommend to you to take into consideration the following advantages of our bags, when making a decision about the best packaging solution:
  • We sell the highest quality big bags on the market, at lowest price
  • Our big bags are strong and reliable
  • The bags can be designed according to your needs, because we offer different solutions about the size of the bag, and different filling and discharge solutions
  • Their significant advantage is that FIBCs compact to a fraction of their filled size when not in use, what makes them the most cost effective solution for storage and transport
  • FIBCs have a low tare weight which reduces shipping and warehousing costs.


Types of bags

This is just a part of our offer of Big Bags.
Bags with open top and closed bottom
Bags with top spout and closed bottom
Bags with skirt on the top and closed bottom
Bags with cover on the top and discharge spout
Bags with cover on the top and closed bottom
Bags with skirt on the top and discharge spout
Bag with top spout and discharge spout

You need other types of bags?

Feel free to contact us. Depending on the wishes and needs of the client, Imperalis GMB can offer other types of bags.